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Buy Whipple Box and save. Have you notice dust and pollen on furniture shortly after cleaning? It seems like it just gets airborne only to settle once again on everything including landing on your open box of facial tissue which you grab and use on your face. The Whipple Box offers an alternative to expensive facial tissues. The Whipple Box is a cool toilet paper dispenser designed to protect your toilet paper from dust, moisture, allergens. The enclosed base and hinged lid protects toilet paper from airborne pollutants, spills, sprays, and splashes. Its rugged construction makes it perfect for use indoors or out.

Use it in anywhere from the garage for checking the oil to boating where you no longer have to worry about humidly or water. The Whipple Box comes in three colors and the durable plastic construction will last for years. Take these unique toilet paper holders with you camping, fishing, boating, or place it in your workshop. You will agree it is well made, rugged, and is perfect for use anywhere. Best storage product with lifetime warranty.
Portable Toilet Paper Holder & Dispenser
Holds standard thru 4x size roles
  • Portable toilet paper dispenser: an alternative to facial tissue, making tissue available anywhere you need it
  • Perfect toilet tissue dispenser for: outdoors, boats, fishing, campers, garages, constructions sites, and more
  • Best toilet paper holder: designed to protect roll from spills, sprays, humidity, and airborne pollutants
  • Unique toilet paper holder & dispenser: made out of impact resistant plastic and wont rust
  • Works with all brands toilet paper including one-, two- or three-ply, or even thicker
  • Buy toilet paper holder and dispenser as an inexpensive alternative to facial tissue, paper towels, and rags
  • Available in three colors: Tan, White, & Black
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Proudly made in the USA!
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